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"Nordic Maintenance Cluster" i Oulu Finland, mars 2024 for medlemmer

Oppdatert: 25. okt.

Sammen med industri, leverandører og universiteter i de Nordiske land gjennomføres samling i Nordic Maintenance Cluster i mars 2024 på universitetet i Oulu Finland. Samlingen er åpen for medlemmer i Vedlikeholdsnettverk Nord og retter seg blant annet mot vedlikehold innenfor forsvarsindustri i de nordiske land etter NATO medlemskap fra Finland og Sverige.

Key activities:

1. Driving innovation, best practices, development of innovative technologies, methods, and tools that can improve maintenance practices and optimize resource utilization, predictability, capacity, and logistics flow. This includes AI, HMI, 3D printing, robotization, logistics and new innovative technology.

2. The network explores areas for collaboration and partnerships among the Nordic countries, industry, suppliers, research institutions, and universities. The collaboration aims to give synergies and to develop innovative solutions together. By collaborating and gaining knowledge, the industry can achieve increased efficiency in maintenance processes, enhanced operational reliability, and greater impact.

3. Organizing network gatherings with contributions from Nordic competence environments on relevant topics.

4. Conducting online seminars with relevant topics from universities and competence environments.

5. Facilitating master's and bachelor's theses on relevant topics across borders.

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